Technology In Infrastructure Of Technically Advanced Machines -

Technology In Infrastructure Of Technically Advanced Machines

Technology In Infrastructure Of Technically Advanced Machines. Ajay Aneja ,Brand Leader ,CASE India Speaks about its Modern technology that will help boost construction industry.

Technology is evolving as a ‘Game Changer’ aspect in every sphere of our life including economic activities for bringing scale of operation and efficiency. A similar trend is being seen in the construction equipment and mining sector. Automated and computerized machines are becoming extremely popular due to its real time applications. Technically advanced machines are the need of the era and the modern technologies will help bolster the construction industry progress. At CASE India, we understand this very well. Catering to these needs, CASE India focuses on infusing technologies like automation, IoT, AI and advanced controlling system in our machines.

Technology In Infrastructure Of Technically Advanced Machines
Ajay Aneja ,Brand Leader ,CASE India

One step forward in this direction is the advanced EAGLE-EYE-TELEMATICS solution we have introduced in our Loader backhoes. With an aim to offer a better operational efficiency and security to the customer, the company has introduced the Eagle Eye Telematics System, a real time vehicle tracking and communication based on GPS technology which can help keep a track of your machine. This version will provide Live tracking for the operating machine and will assist in Geofencing, by setting a predefined area on a map beyond which the machine will not work. This will help in alerting the user to any kind of theft or unauthorised usage of the machine along with device tempering alerts.

This advanced solution comes with pre-emptive critical machine parameter alerts such as indication of engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, transmission oil temperature, hydraulic filter status and battery status. It will also help in keeping track of service history and sending service reminder alerts along with information on the nearest service centre location. BOSCH, a leading global engineering and electronics company, has helped in the development of the advanced version of Eagle Eye Telematics. The new solution will be accessible to both iOS and Android users.

On the other hand CASE’s Compactors are equipped with compaction meter, where on screen operator can check amplitude, frequency and ICV (intelligence compaction value) which is related to density of soil compacted. With this compaction meter the ICV value can be generated, which is different for difference surface. Once desired density is achieved, it shows green signal on screen so that operator can stop compaction and avoid over compaction. Hence saving of fuel, time and avoiding damage of surface.

Further some of the recent trends and advancements in the construction and mining industry are adoption of IOT, Eagle eye telematics- GPS based tracking system, artificial intelligence and advanced controlling systems to name a few. At CASE we believe that it will not only revolutionize the practice of designing in the industry but also change how we see it now.

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