Right-wing rulers of UP have hit a new low in their diatribes against the minority community -

Right-wing rulers of UP have hit a new low in their diatribes against the minority community

“In one such case, Muhammad Haneef of village Dharmauli, father of a victim girl, collapsed and died in the office of the CO due to dire threats and filthy abuses…” the report said.

Shocking! But then nothing really shocks one in the surcharged settings of the day. Consider the fact that there were serious criminal cases against several so-called top politicians in Uttar Pradesh but they continue to rule over bruised, dying forms.

In fact, threats unleashed by the right-wing rulers have reached such a low that a particular minister in the Yogi Adityanath cabinet, during one of his tours to the University town of Aligarh, had gone ahead to say he will “bury alive” all those protesting against the CAA! Nah, no Aligarh-manufactured taala (lock) could seal his mouth from uttering such obnoxious words.

We are living in dark times

It seems a rather hopeless scenario. Perhaps, the only possible solution to counter this ongoing communal poisoning is the one which was detailed to me by actor-turned-politician Sunil Dutt. Years back, during the course of an interview, when I had asked him what could possibly halt the communal tensions and strife, he had said: “Yes, there can be a solution. Only last night I was going through the latest Time magazine and the photographs of the war-ridden Somalia shocked me so much that I couldn’t eat. It was dinner time but I couldn’t touch a morsel. Just couldn’t …Those horrifying pictures of human beings dying, sitting injured and ill, rendered so frail and weak that many couldn’t even walk.”

“These human disasters because of the ongoing civil strife in Somalia… I am going to suggest that those pictures be displayed all over our towns and cities, at all public places. And displaced with this caption: See, what internal war or strife or unrest can do to you, to your country, to your fellow countrymen,” he had added.

It is significant to point out that years back, the situation wasn’t so very alarming as it is today. These are indeed dark times!

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