Mahindra Finance unveils logo for its leasing, subscription business, Auto News, ET Auto -

Mahindra Finance unveils logo for its leasing, subscription business, Auto News, ET Auto

Mahindra Finance unveils logo for its leasing, subscription business
New Delhi: Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) Financial Services, part of the Mahindra Group, on Thursday unveiled the brand logo for ‘Quiklyz’ – its leasing and subscription business. The company announced the brand name ‘Quiklyz’ last month, denoting the changing mindset on mobility, especially with millennial-minded consumers and new-age corporates, M&M Financial Services said in a release.

According to the company, the emblem in the logo is Q for Quiklyz, bringing the brand name to the forefront thereby increasing brand recall. Spokes have been added to the ‘Q’ which makes it look like a steering wheel that cues the category. The logo expresses that the consumers are in the drivers’ seat, giving them the power to drive their path towards a new experience.

“Quiklyz as an offering has been conceived keeping in mind the millennial mindset consumer and new-age corporates who prefer experiences over the hassles of ownership. As a brand, it is reflective of the changing consumer belief that new is better, and simple is smart. Being a digital-born brand, convenience, agility and responsiveness are embedded into its DNA,” Turra Mohammed, SVP and head, Leasing & Subscription, Mahindra Finance, said.

The brand identity has been designed to reflect all of the above traits. The word mark is deliberately written in lowercase – to exude a casual and approachable vibe, welcoming and encouraging all to explore the offering like never-before. The defining colour is a calming yet vibrant blue with a gradient that suggests dynamism and adaptiveness – in line with the offering that is relevant, flexible, agile and responsive. Blue is also a universal colour for trust and stability – qualities that customers can come to expect from Quiklyz.

The name ‘Quiklyz’ denotes an aspirational mindset of ensuring hassle- free vehicle usership to its consumers, as per the company. The objective for ‘Quiklyz’ is to build a nimble model with very high asset quality. This also gives the brand a springboard to launch similar products in semi-urban and rural markets in times to come.

Mahindra Finance and Mahindra Group ecosystems would give an edge to ‘Quiklyz’ with the business utilising all common infrastructure of Mahindra Finance.

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