Health infrastructure boosts organ donation drive in Telangana | Hyderabad News -

Health infrastructure boosts organ donation drive in Telangana | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Rapid upgradation of critical healthcare infrastructure in the state to deal with extra load of Covid patients has resulted in an upswing in organ donations.

Organ donations saw a lull during during peak of the first wave, while it picked up afterwards. Over the last six months, the scenario has improved drastically.
Jeevandan authorities said that increased efforts were made during the pandemic to tap every possible donor during the period and even during the lowest months, there were 6-7 donations, the numbers started increasing substantially this year. The state has recorded 136 donations so far this year with a total of 508 organs harvested. This compared to 75 donations last year (2020) and 134 during the previous year (2019).
Apart from the initial difficulty in convincing family members to donate organs during peak Covid, fact that a Covid positive patient cannot be a donor had limited the donors during the peak pandemic. However, with social activities having opened up, a lot of road accident victims during the recent months turned out to be donors.
In a number of cases, where authorities had airlifted organs, arranged for traffic green channels and even utilised the Metro rail for transporting the organs for the first time during this period. Majority of these were airlifted from remote corners. “There has been some improvement in infrastructure in terms of ICU beds, ventilators, ECMO and critical care management, even in remote centres. All this led to an increase in identification and optimisation,” Jeevandan Programme in-charge Dr G Swarnalatha said.

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