Atul Tractors is all set to launch online store, Auto News, ET Auto -

Atul Tractors is all set to launch online store, Auto News, ET Auto

New Delhi: The idea of opening an online business and tractor’s business horrifies the techies because of the rules they have to follow, low profit, and also the loss they had to bear initially.

However, Atul Tractors is one of a kind startup that started getting profits from the 6th month. This would not have been possible without the idea of bringing all the essential required materials including heavy goods under one roof and the dedication shown by the team. Most importantly it is Atul Agrawal because of whom the idea of his outlet got implemented successfully.

Atul Tractors is a store having all the requirements like machinery, tractors for farmers and a team of dedicated professionals, Now he can store up to hundreds of machinery goods in the store at a time. Even the local government there is praising them. They are witnessing huge profits and thus investing huge amounts. The previous funding they got was a B Series funding which is huge of its own. Atul Agrawal predicts that their revenue will cross 6 figures by the end of 2022.

There are many dealership stores in Chattisgarh apart from the other old giants which are actually multinational companies. However, recently Chattisgarh got its first setup purely based out of farmers’ needs.

Atul Tractors is relentlessly providing materials and machines and that too in a very short turnaround time. People are amazed by the fact that a local dealership is giving tough competitions to the Giants out there.

Technically he is the mastermind behind online marketing and also he is the Managing Director of the Company Atul Tractors. Atul Agrawal also donated a huge amount as a relief to the corona patients in India. He has also distributed clothes and food to the needy and stranded people because of the lockdowns.

Atul Tractors is a one-stop-shop for the farmers’ important needs. Farmers can use the cash on the Delivery method or can also make through online payment modes. Once they have placed the order they will deliver the order to your doorstep promptly or you can hop in directly to purchase tractors. They sell all the essential items required, coming to spares and machines.

They operate with no extra charges and are always ready to provide the best services possible. Even in this pandemic they worked without any fail and relentlessly provided all machinery items and needs to the public. They are inspiring more and more people from India to set up a start-up of their own.

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